The Romantic Time Wars

  1. Everyone, Please Remain Calm – A secret message concerning the objective interpretation of Wagner’s Parsifal is discovered hidden in a draft of the fifth movement from Mahler’s unfinished Tenth Symphony. It was intended to thwart the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, among other things.
  2. Wagnerian Yiddish Gematria – A Kabbalistic analysis of the message furnishes some possible leads in the mystery.
  3. The Alma Problem – The principles of libidinal economy are applied to a standard problem in musicology.
  4. Revelge und Der Tamboursg’sell: Romantic Lieder Par Excellence – This season’s program for the Mineral Drama Company.
  5. Why We Are Called Romantics
  6. The Youth’s Magic Horn – Can the apprehension of this symbol’s meaning provide insight into a young Mahler’s interpretation of Parsifal? The relationship between the horn, time and abundance is explored.
  7. The Skandalkonzert – An infamous concert in Vienna interrupted by a brawl leaves Gavrilo Princip locked in a state of intolerable excitement. The program’s implication is considered.
  8. MIND KONTROL, Balkan Style! – Certain of The Black Hand’s mind control techniques are divulged, including Dimitrijević’s Reverse Crucifixion Rite.
  9. Dr. Franklin’s Romantic Revolution – Benjamin Franklin and Franz Mesmer conspire to expose inadequacies in high society and foment a wave of popular uprisings.