How To Have Mind-Blowing Orgasms

So you wanna have mind-melting, toe-curling, spinal-flexion-inducing orgasms do you? Well you’re in luck because I have been diligently studying the work of Wilhelm Reich who, according to The Guardian, is “the man who invented free love.” Just follow these easy steps and you – even you – will be well on your way to orgasmic orgastic rapture.

The first thing you’ll have to accept is that everything you know is a lie. Your entire civilization has always been a cesspit of human fragments who will murder the life in their own children if it means avoiding realizing that they’re already dead. Yes, very few people even posses the faculty of sexuality but almost everyone has genitals that can be put together. What commonly passes for sexuality today would be appropriate for an earth smote by some cosmic catastrophe. Today the sun shines and the crops grow, but you still act like a rabbit! Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to have catastrophic orgasms.

If you wanna have subject-annihilating orgasms, you’ll need to understand that society is supposed to be ruled by those who can surrender to sexual excitation to the greatest degree. These are, generally, rotting away in your madhouses. They refused to become like you and you refused to realize what you are. But it’s never you, is it? You’re the one with the institutions and connections and high seats in the synagogue. It was all rotten from the start. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to have insane orgasms.

Ready for those juicy sex secrets that’ll make your partner’s eyes roll and increase your leverage in the relationship? We’re getting there, I promise, just a few more introductory notes.

One who lives authentically and allows his or her body to become vigorous and experience excitation has a palpable presence. Right now your body is rigid or feeble so you probably need barbells or yoga pants or face paint to be noticed. How else will you get the number of glances you need to feel like you still have sexuality? This by itself would be forgivable, but once again you invert everything. You ignore the vigorous body like it’s as dead or as feeble as yours is because it reminds you that you no longer have sexuality. Don’t pretend that they disgust you. Realize that it is you who disgusts yourself and this person has merely reminded you that you violently destroy any sexual excitation in your body as soon as it occurs. Stop ignoring these people and you’ll be on your way to having vigorous orgasms.

Remember George Floyd? That’s basically what you do to your genitals 24/7. And don’t let me see you out there burning down small businesses because you’ll need that energy to fix your sexuality. You’ve always been a messy eater and now you’ve mixed sex with everything. Your ideology is poorly disguised smut. If you wanna have revolutionary orgasms, you’ll have to do something we call “distilling the genital object libido.” What? You mean you haven’t read the burned books? Right now, this libido is bound up in all the absurd, harmful things you do without a second thought. Divest from these stupid games you’ve been playing all history and you’ll have revolutionary people’s orgasms.

In 1933 all this was plain as day. Wilhelm Reich said it plainly and you expelled him from the International Psychoanalytical Association. Adolf Hitler basically said the same thing implicitly (there was only one thing left to say in 1933). There were no smart phones back then. You didn’t want to hear it so you burned down the world. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to have nuclear orgasms.

If you wanna completely let go to sexual pleasure and have earth-shattering orgasms, you’re gonna have to realize that everything you do is backwards. The world was never safe for children but you kept spitting them out because you wanted to believe you still had sexuality. You made them fit your disgusting world, not the other way around. Your parents did the same to you. You told them it wasn’t good enough as your children told you but you still became your parents. And now you’re scratching your heads over Jeffery Epstein? It’s obvious to me . . . and I know why the cameras turned off. But don’t worry about that. You came here to learn how to have electrifying orgasms. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to have orgasms like you’re on Little St. James.

OK. You’ve been very patient with me so now I’m going to tell you how to have apocalyptic orgasms. You know that thing you can’t stand? that thing you destroy in yourself and your child whenever it appears? or that thing you use to ensnare your victims? that which indicates them to you? That’s orgone energy, and Christ used it to conquer death. Follow Him and you’ll have eschatological orgasms.

Core Concepts Series: VIII. The Basic Antithesis of Vegetative Life

The two psychic currents described by psychoanalysis, namely the object-libidinal and narcissistic currents, are manifested materially as flows of bodily fluid toward or away from the periphery of the organism respectively. This concept is best encapsulated by Weber’s (א) conclusion as summarized by Reich: “sensations of Unlust [unpleasure] go with a centripetal flow of blood, while sensations of pleasure go with a centrifugal flow of blood” (1).

During an object-libidinal expression, we may observe any the following phenomena: increased salivation; skin turning pink or light red; genital turgescence, electric charging and secretion; subjective feelings of expansiveness and attraction; streaming and melting sensations; tendency of the body to assume an elongated form; and movement toward “desired” objects. The physiological components suggest hydration of the peripheral tissues.

During a narcissistic withdrawal, we may observe the following: dry mouth; pallor; genital detumescence and electric neutrality; vaginal drying; subjective feelings of collapsing or withdrawing; fear or sadness; a tendency of the body to assume a “fetal position;” and anxiety (2). Also, there may be a movement away from a noxious stimulus or, in the case of a drive’s renunciation, a movement away from the “desired” object. The physiological phenomena accompanying narcissistic withdrawal conversely suggest the flow of fluid away from the periphery. This can be experimentally confirmed. For instance, God furnished a large slug for my research the other day, compelling him to crawl by my doorstep. I found that whichever part of his periphery I tickled with a leaf retracted inwardly towards his longitudinal plane. The narcissistic psychic current was directly observable as a material current of body fluid and tissue.

These two functions are associated with the two wings of the autonomic or vegetative nervous system, as it was formerly referred to. In general, the object-libidinal expression coincides with the excitation of the parasympathetic nervous system while the narcissistic retraction coincides with the excitation of the sympathetic nervous system. The former is characterized by a the relaxation of cardiac muscle, dilation of the peripheral blood vessels and glandular secretion. The latter is characterized by cardiac and, in general, peripheral blood vessel constriction (3). Like the two psychic currents, the two autonomic nervous systems are known to inhibit each other in general. The location of autonomic neural activity, which is electric, also suggests an antithesis between center and periphery. The sympathetic ganglia are located near the spinal chord while the parasympathetic ganglia are very close to the organs they innervate. Thus in the object-libidinal expression, the nervous excitation is closer to the periphery of the organism – where the fluid has accumulated. In the narcissistic retraction, the more central ganglia experience the excitation while the fluid also is forced inward by peripheral vascular constriction. Two distinct modes of being corresponding to the two psychic currents are also exhibited by lower organisms without nervous tissue.

We do not at all wish to imply that we have a complete picture of the relationship between the libidinal currents and the material soma. There are many unsolved mysteries and unreconciled contradictions. What is the role of chronic skeletal muscle contraction in the inhibition of an object-libidinal pulsion? To what extent does libidinal energy correspond with the energies with which physics is concerned and is it necessary to posit a distinct orgone energy? What is the role of the central nervous system? Also, we must also be cognizant of exceptions to the generalizations made about autonomic function, like the fact that sympathetic fibers induce dilatation of the bronchial tubes and of the blood vessels that supply the skeletal muscles (4).

Thus the antithesis between object libido and narcissistic libido, toward or away from the world, is recapitulated by two diametrically opposed currents of fluid in the body. From an analytic standpoint, this means that in order to resist the object-libidinal impulse of the so-called id, the so-called ego must act physically. Reich discovered that the primary mechanism for this is a chronic, unconscious contraction of skeletal muscle, this requiring inputs by the “voluntary” or, as it used to be called, “animal” nervous system. When it comes to resolving neuroses with analysis, the functions of the two psychic currents and their corresponding fluid flows can best be conceptualized as an antithesis between sexuality and anxiety.

(א) This probably refers to Ernst Heinrich Weber, 19th century physiologist who wrote on the hydrodynamics of bodily fluid.

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