Core Concepts Series

It is suggested that these be read in order. There has been some confusion regarding the purpose of this series. It is not intended to provide an introduction to “Reichian psychoanalysis,” but rather to introduce my own philosophy which happens to be heavily influenced by Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries.

I. Libido – A basic definition of libido
II. Introduction to Libidinal Economy – A brief survey of the quantitative problem of libido
III. The Orgasm Theory – Part 1 – An overview of the orgasm theory and its development
IV. The Orgasm Theory – Part 2 – On the orgasm reflex
V. The Orgastic Function – Part 1 – The biomechanics and electrophysiology of the orgastic function
VI. The Orgastic Function – Part 2 – The recapitulation of the function in other expressions
VII. Object Libido and Narcissistic Libido – On the energies that inspire the organism to contact or withdraw from the external world
VIII. The Basic Antithesis of Vegetative Life – On the somatic manifestation of the object-libidinal and narcissistic currents
IX. The Pulsion – A formulation considering drives as forces that compel organisms to make expressions when libidinal economy is disequilibrated
X. The Basic Libidinal Conflict: Instinct vs. Outer World – Part 1 – On the antipathy between the organism and the environment
XI. The Basic Libidinal Conflict: Instinct vs. Outer World – Part 2 – After calcining ourselves in the furnace of desiring-production, we transcend linguistic games that prevented us from reconciling seemingly contradictory facts
XII. The Change of Function of the Impulse – On how the organism changes the quality of its expression by dividing the inspiring cathexis and investing a fraction of its energy in a countercathexis or reaction formation

To be continued . . .