June 2020
Dr. Franklin’s Romantic Revolution
Core Concepts Series VII: Object Libido and Narcissistic Libido

May 2020
Revelge und Der Tamboursg’sell : Romantic Lieder Par Excellence
The Youth’s Magic Horn
The Skandalkonzert
MIND KONTROL, Balkan Style!

April 2020
Core Concepts Series V: The Orgastic Function – Part 1
Core Concepts Series VI: The Orgastic Function – Part 2
Everyone, Please Remain Calm
Wagnerian Yiddish Gematria
The Alma Problem

January 2020
Core Concepts Series: III. The Orgasm Theory – Part 1
Core Concepts Series: IV. The Orgasm Theory – Part 2

December 2019
Core Concepts Series: II. Introduction to Libidinal Economy

November 2019
Core Concepts Series: I. Libido

October 2019
Medicine Should Be Abolished

September 2019
Orgone vs. the Academy (or Why I am So Based)

August 2019
Genitality is Hypernatural

June 2019
Inter-somatic Libidinal Economy: Excitation and Power

May 2019
Wilhelm Reich & Plato’s Gorgias Part 1: Polus